About Us

Stripseventy brings you the relevant information you need!

We’ve been around since 2011, and were knocked out and went offline serving people craving for information in 2017 due to unforeseen circumstances and unfavorable situations. And now, we are back online! Stronger than before, with a better website design, and hopefully, we can provide you with relevant and useful content you are searching for this time.

Who we are?

We are a team of content providers. We too, most of the time, are browsing and finding information. Whether we're out of the office, off the street, inside a mall, roaming around a city, or elsewhere, we are just like you.

Our mission is to make our digital presence worthy for businesses and individuals like you. For businesses, we aim to make their digital presence more visible on the Internet. And for people like you, we strive to showcase relevant and useful content.

Buzz Around!

If you own a business or a store, or have something to share, feel free to list with us or contact us so we can share together information to those in need.

Great and fabulous deal!

At Stripseventy, we won't charge you, literally your exposure is absolutely free. Join our community and make the digital space information-free for everybody. This is not cost-effective means for you – says nobody!

Think Positively

This site might not be the best directory or a story telling site you may find on the Internet. Might look ugly or unattractive to some. Others may think this is just copy and paste, just wondering now why you are here. We strive hard though to ensure quality, accuracy and completeness of our contents. So please, stop complaining – just kidding! If you feel this won’t bring you any good, feel free to leave our site. We are sure though, that at some point, you’ll come back to us and realize that – darn, this is no joke! You are visible, searchable and exist in the digital space.

Behind the Scene

Stripseventy.com shares business directory, tips and tricks, tutorial, they may say blog also, whatever they wanna call it. The core information is the store or business listing in this site. We do provide information such as the business or store address, phone number, opening and closing hours, website, services map and driving direction.

We might miss something. Do tell us. Again, we aim to provide accurate information to you. If you find something off, feel free to contact us and let us know. We are humans, prone to make mistakes. We promise and commit that we will continuously improve and make our website more intuitive and useful for everybody.

Stripseventy.com, information made easy!