At the heart of the Philippines, Manila Ocean Park is one of the most tourist-visited sites in the city. Its picturesque aquariums and grandiose tanks attract a huge crowd, especially during the weekends. My family chanced upon Manila Ocean Park as a surprise, while we were thinking of a fitting place for our baby’s first road trip. We wanted to take our baby to the beach, but could not go to Matabungkay resorts like we used to, so we decided to hit Manila Ocean Park instead.

About more than an hour drive, week-end days are not too busy in Manila. I recommend to be at Manila Ocean Park an hour before it opens. Because, the queue of people is piling up if you get there late than an hour before its opening. Manila Ocean Part is really a place where you and your family will surely love to visit. Zoom the Manila Ocean Park map location to get the directions going to this place.

Getting there!

Manila Ocean Park is about an hour, or 22 kilometers away from Quezon City where we came from, access roads you can take can either be via C5-Kalayaan-EDSA-Pasay, or via Commonwealth Avenue to EDSA to Pasay. It is conveniently located in Roxas Boulevard, near the monumental Rizal Park. Once there, you can find a cosy spot to park – it’s free, just be aware of your car, and your belongings.

From the parking lot, you’ll still need to walk a couple of meters to the Manila Ocean Park arena, where several restaurants (Pancake House and North Park, to name a few) are waiting to whet your appetites. You might also like to try the Bungee Jump first – just to heighten up the thrill!

Beginning the Adventure

Manila Ocean Park offers unique experiences for your families to try and enjoy: Aquanaut Voyage, Fish Spa, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Jellies, Marine Life Habitat, Musical Fountain Show, Oceanarium, and Swimming and Fun.

Since we were travelling with a one-year-old tot, and two senior citizens – we chose the Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium package. Park rates are pretty reasonable, since you will enjoy swimming with giant mantarays – sans water!:

Manila Ocean Park is full of fun and excitement Manila Ocean Park is full of fun and excitement
Manila Ocean Park is full of fun and excitement Manila Ocean Park is full of fun and excitement


Php 400 per head for adults,Php 350 per head for children 4ft below, andFree for children 2ft below

Manila Ocean Park pictures and videos will surely be remembered. The use of camcorders, digital cameras and photo-capturing devices are allowed inside Oceanarium – just be sure to go low on the flash feature. Please also avoid tapping the aquarium glasses, especially with hard items. Excessive sound and glaring light will scare the fishes away. Food and drinks are allowed, but be sure to throw your empty cups and bags responsibly.

By the Riverbend

We began our walk in AGOS (æ-goss), Manila Ocean Park’s freshwater aquarium. AGOS, meaning “to flow”, entrusts the welcome bidding to the great Pirarucu or Giant Arapaima.

Manila Ocean Park pictures

Giant Arapaima

My family and I walked into a cool garden of Manila Ocean Park and proceeded towards a wooden staircase that leads to the mighty Piranhas. I have always been fascinated by hanging vines, and their presence in the garden, along with a young croc, add a jungle-like mystique to these freshwater predators.

The Piranhas

We tread along the wooden trail of the Manila Ocean Park and proceeded to a flight of stairs that lead to a huge, open tank of large Catfish.

Further down are the smaller fish species like the Black Ghost Knife fish and others I pray to have not noticed, since we were in the mouth of BAHURA.

Manila Ocean Park Giant Arapaima Manila Ocean Park Giant Arapaima
Manila Ocean Park Juvenile Croc Manila Ocean Park Juvenile Croc


Manila Ocean Park Piranhas Manila Ocean Park Piranhas

Dipping in the Shoal

A shoal is a sandbank in a stretch of water that is visible at low tide which Manila Ocean Park has created similar to it. In Filipino, this is called “Bahura”. The BAHURA (bæ-hoo-ræ) stages a wonderful array of colourful shallow water fish. We were greeted by displays of seahorse, stingray, and families of Nemo’s friend, Dori, the Blue Tang fish (trivial question: Is Nemo the most popular Clown Fish?).


We also found other interesting species like the Black and Gold Chromis, Pajama Cardinal Fish, Orbiculate Cardinal Fish and other beautiful reef fishes.

Manila Ocean Park Seahorse Manila Ocean Park Seahorse
Manila Ocean Park Catfish Tank Manila Ocean Park Catfish Tank


Manila Ocean Park Stingray Manila Ocean Park Stingray

The last species of fish we saw in BAHURA – and my personal favourite – is the Spotted Garden Eel. They were the shy and worm-like species. They burrow their bodies in the sand when frightened, and then slowly dance upward, like a snake in trance. This small group of eels were fascinatingly simple, yet, they were the one lot in BAHURA which I’d dream about having as pets.

Floating in the LAOT

Welcome to the deep ocean! LAOT (læ-oht) – or “middle of the sea” in Filipino – showcases the huge, captivating species of fish only to be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. Manila Ocean Park gave visitors a breath-taking view of these species with massive tanks that give the impression that you are indeed, breathing amongst these giants.

Deep ocean

The Giant Trevally and Grouper fish will greet you upon entering Manila Ocean Park LAOT. These fish are extremely friendly, and exceptionally large! I take particular fondness for one of the grouper fish, whom I think liked my soft tapping and came nearer the glass enclosure – it even followed me for more Manila Ocean Park pictures! I could’ve spent more time with my new grouper friend, but there were more fish to catch [up with, that is!].

Before we reached Manila Ocean Park “Buhay Na Karagatan” our baby, too, made friends with a fish – I was not able to catch its name, but it was also the one of the more people-friendly fish there.

Under the Sea

The BUHAY NA KARAGATAN (Living Ocean) boasts Asia’s largest underwater viewing tunnel, stretching 25 meters long and curved at 220 degrees. Highlighting our long walk, the tunnel was promenaded by families like mine, and I found myself in the middle of a crowd of people, reef fish and huge mantarays. Our experience remains unique and enthralling, the sight of gracefully swimming fish is ultimately soothing to one who is longing for serenity and balance.

Manila Ocean Park experience is a refreshing family getaway place. It’s all you need when you want to give your family a preview of the deep ocean diving experience. I would really recommend this to my relatives and friends. That’s why Manila Ocean Park is full of fun and excitement.

Manila Ocean Park is located at the Quirino Grandstand, One Rizal Park, Luneta, Manila. For inquiries, call 02 567 7777 or log on to

There are hotels near Manila Ocean Park. Here are some, to name a few:

Hotel H2O (Walking distance)Miramar Hotel (One of the best hotel in Manila)Bayview Park Hotel (See Manila bay during sunset and sunrise)Swagman Hotel (One of the most tourist visited)Mabini Mansion HotelBest Western Hotel La CoronaLotus Garden Hotel (Nice setup and a lot of courteous and friendly crew)City Garden Suites hotelParagon Tower hotelCasa Bocobo hotel (Elegant interior design and platform)Manila Pavillion hotelGran Prix Manila hotelBoulevard Mansion Hotel (Highly recommended for couples for honeymoon)The Corporate Inn hotelWhite Knight Hotel IntramurosHyatt Hotel and Casino (Full of excitement and quite interesting)Diamond HotelRiviera Mansion HotelEurotel Pedro Gil hotel (Foods taste really good. You’ll never regret a fine dinner with your girlfriend)Las Palmas Hotel

Manila Ocean Park Black and Gold Chromis Manila Ocean Park Black and Gold Chromis


Manila Ocean Park Pajama Cardinal Fish Manila Ocean Park Pajama Cardinal Fish


Manila Ocean Park Orbiculate Cardinal Fish Manila Ocean Park Orbiculate Cardinal Fish


Manila Ocean Park spotted Garden Eel Manila Ocean Park spotted Garden Eel
Manila Ocean Park Deep Ocean Manila Ocean Park Deep Ocean 
Manila Ocean Park Giant Trevally Manila Ocean Park Giant Trevally 
Manila Ocean Park my friend giant grouper Manila Ocean Park my friend giant grouper

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