USPS Parcel or Package How to Claim at Philpost and Bureau of Customs (BOC)

USPS Parcel or Package How to Claim at Philpost and Bureau of Customs (BOC)

I decided to write this blog to share my experience with USPS delivery service. Last January 27, 2020, I bought a Toshiba laptop at online using my credit card. This is a great online store where you guys can buy various items from office productivity tool, fashion items, personal gear, watches, computers, and many more. You may want to check out their website for you to see what they do offer.

The transaction process and delivery of my parcel or package went smoothly as expected. Lucky me! Because, I am actually worried at first after reading some related articles that USPS shipping option usually takes more than a month and worst, sometimes even more than two months. The longer the period it takes, the riskier it is for my parcel or package from getting lost or damage while in transit. This is the worst experience somebody could have, especially when the package has been mishandled in sorting areas and while transferring from point a to point b to point c, and so on.

At, there are actually shipping method options to select from. That time I decided to choose the Standard shipping. I received the confirmation email January 28, 2020. Based on the information provided on their website and after series of questions to Bestbuy. Standard shipping takes 8 days under ideal circumstances before the parcel arrives here in Manila. However, I was informed that there are factors that could affect the duration of the delivery. Such as peak season, depends on the volume of parcel the shipping carrier is accommodating and of course, weather condition. The other available shipping options are Expedited and Express. Expedited is 3 business days lead time while Express is the fastest as the term implies, 2 business days. The shipping option I choose, was the standard one. And for that particular option, the shipment could be done through any of the following: UPS, Mail Express and USPS. I learned after receiving the confirmation email that my parcel will be delivered here in Manila via USPS.

The cost!

Depending on the shipping method you choose, the shipment cost varies. As usual, the fastest delivery mode you selected means the higher the cost against other method of delivery for your parcel or package. My package worth is approximately USD 1,500, the total shipping fee is USD 35 that includes insurance and the delivery service itself. I think the cost of the shipment is fair and reasonable.

How long did it take?

Actually, my parcel arrived in Manila by February 9, 2020. I ordered at BestBuy January 27, and the package or my parcel containing my Toshiba laptop arrived in Manila February 9, total of 18 calendar days. Fair enough for me. Upon regular checking thru the tracking website they provided. I immediately called Philippine Postal office to verify where exactly my parcel or package is. The Philippine Postal personnel who answered my call said the item has just arrived and it can be claimed at the Philippine Postal office located in the front of the old domestic airport in Pasay city.

How did I claim my parcel?

I live here in Quezon City. I actually have the option to wait as Philpost can route my parcel here in the local Philpost office in QC. And, a notice will be delivered at my home address to inform me that my parcel is ready for pickup. But then I said, I’ll just go there at the Philpost Office in Pasay rather than to wait for few more days which I’m not sure how soon it will be. Most importantly, to satisfy myself, the eagerness to get my laptop as soon as possible.

If you want to know the procedure how to claim your parcel at the Philippine Postal Office, you may also check out my other post How to Claim parcel or package at Philippine Postal Office. To give you a quick idea on the process:

1. You’ll have to contact Philippine Postal office to verify if your parcel has already arrived in Manila. Philippine Postal (Philpost) numbers are +63 02 8527 0111 +63 02 8527 0107

Do this if the status of your package or parcel delivery using the USPS tracker website says that it already arrived Manila. That means, it is no longer in transit and you may verify if it is now ready for pick-up at Philpost office.

2. Prepare your tracking number and government issued IDs. The more the better. If you will assign somebody to pick-up your item, just prepare an authorization letter.

Don’t forget to bring cash. Sufficient cash for the tariff or tax that you will pay. Electronic, gadgets, appliances, or similar items are subject to taxation. Bring 30 to 40% worth of cash based on the price of your item.

The person should also present a valid government issued IDs. He should also bring photocopies of your valid IDs plus the authorization letter with your signature.

3. Proceed to the Philippine Postal Office. And then you head straight to the Bureau of Customs office. Fall in line and give your tracking number and supporting documents. You will be guided accordingly. They also have clear notices and instruction materials in place so you will never get lost. Don’t be! Read or ask somebody if you feel you are at a lost.

My review and rating for USPS delivery and what can I say about their efficiency?

From the scale of 1-10, I would give it a 9. Because they actually delivered my parcel within the reasonable time frame. I am also happy the way they treated me and answered my questions. They are very professional and they provide support or assistance their clients need. My parcel or package is in good condition and there’s no indication of physical defects or and sign of mal-treatment from the ground personnel who handled my parcel of package. I would also recommend this to anyone who would ask me about a shipping options.

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If you have questions, please post your comments here.

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