Computer devices owned a big role in our lives. Whether it has to be for personal aspects or business purposes. Computers became our main source to know everything in this world and makes us realize that there’s a lot of things we should still keep in confidential and private. Computer became our personal space where we can see ourselves sitting in front of our screen creating a big impact and contributes a lot to our future. Some uses computer for their source of income, for communications, data storage, for keeping files and documentations, confidential accounts, applications and many others.

It is very important for us to have a security in our computer. It keeps our privacy maintain and secure. It keeps our confidential information remains private and all other valuable documentations that needs privacy and security. We usually create and make a way to manage this kind of expectation. Most of us chooses to put and create their own password combinations, PIN codes, and even face locks which basically are the common use for laptop or computer security lock. If happen that we are far from a distance to our devices, we used to automatically enable the security lock to make sure that we are not inviting someone to sit in front of our computer and have a direct access on it. Our computer, our obligations. What we do with our computer is our concerns and not anyone else’s business.  But if you are a type of person that usually forgets the password combinations and PIN codes then it has to be that complicated and difficult to manage this kind of set up every time you have to access on your computer. To help you out, this

Dynamic Lock feature in Windows PC will surely help you out to be hassle free in enabling protection to your computer device.

Advantage of Dynamic Lock:

When the Dynamic Lock is being enabled. The system will be automatically lock whenever you are far from a distance to your computer devices. This feature will allow the system to be locked automatically when the user is far away and will automatically accessible if the user is near. How is it possible? Dynamic Locked is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection to determine your distance from your laptop. When Dynamic Lock has detected that you are out from range, auto lock in the system in being enabled.

 How to turn on and turn off the Dynamic Lock on your PC.

1. Go to Windows Settings and click the Accounts category.

2. Go to Sign-In options after clicking the Accounts category.

Once you have click the Sign-in options. You will notice some other computer security lock that the Windows have to manage and gives an options on how you are going to sign-in to your device. The other security features are Windows Hello face which recognizes the verified user on its system before allowing access, Windows Hello Fingerprint for those laptop that has finger prints reader to allow log-in, Windows Hello Pin a combinations of four to eight digits before logging in, Security Key which is Signing in with physical security key that can log you into your computer applications, Password a common use as account’s password requirement and a Picture Password that showing your chosen favorite photo located at your computer’s gallery and allow you to swipe or tap to unlock your computer device. Scrolling down with this options, there you can find the Dynamic Lock feature under Sign-in options and allow you to enable or disable this feature.

Action Guide:

To turn on Dynamic Lock, go to the Setting èAccount è Sign-in option and mark as checked the box besides ‘Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away’ sectionSame way if you are going to turn off the Dynamic Lock on you Windows PC, just simply leave the box unchecked or turn off the Bluetooth devices. As already mentioned above, it needs Bluetooth to Bluetooth connectivity to enable Dynamic Lock.

Computer Locks help us to make sure that our confidential documents, client information, financial statements, identity and personal files are secure. Most of the operating systems has established settings that will automatically lock your computer device after being inactive for a certain moment of time. Some people take an advantage keeping our personal conversations with our clients or with friends remain private and that nobody else and unauthorized persons can access or open any of it.

Always keep in mind that Privacy is our main reasons why computer locks are important to all of us. Second, it will help us to minimize and save power specially when we have to work outdoors or for an outside meeting. And lastly, it can prevent valuable data from being altered by unauthorized persons. Meaning, he or she can access to your system and can easily remove or even share a copy of your important data from your device to his or her device. Remember, your computer. Your responsibility.

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