Emojis had become more popular and in demand over the internet. It is a common use that everyone always seeking when it comes on digital communications. People became more familiar with the use of emojis in their everyday lives whether it is for being productive, keeping in touch or just having fun in talking and connecting people. But, Emojis are no longer just for mobile phones (only) anymore. Different digital gadgets already have this emojis access as long as digital communication and connecting people over the internet is concern. While, emojis are easy to use and access on mobile phones. Windows machine also empowered its emojis accessibility.

Emojis in Windows are also currently applicable but not all users have known this feature but actually there is a quick access to emoji keyboard with just only few clicks to enable the virtual keyboard button. To enable this feature, just simply do right- clicking on the task bar and click on the “Show touch keyboard button”.

Action Guide:

Having “Show touch keyboard button” marked as check means that your emojis keyboard are already turned on and enable. To use, you will see the touch keyboard button at the bottom right  corner besides the time and date display on your desktop and then you may click on the icon whenever you want to use the emojis keyboard in typing like this, ??.  Emoji Characters are accessed through the onscreen keyboard/s “smiley” key.

Here’s an action guide:

And if you are done using the emojis keyboard. You can just press ESC or simply click (x) button at the top of the emojis to exit the use of this feature. User may leave the

Show Touch Keyboard Button marked as checked on the task bar or leave this feature enabled. Usually the applications we used for communication and connecting people already has a built-in emoji features which make it easier for us to use emojis in composing a message.

Now that Windows 10 has released this Emoji Keyboard Feature. Emoji Keyboard are applicable not only for communications but also in file and documentation purposes.

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