Nowadays, our productivity never stops even after the day time. Sometimes, we are more active during night time that we need to make ourselves awake more than twice compared to day time. We sometimes need to work some of our obligations when or until the evening came that we need to sit up on our computers or laptops with our lights turned offs. That’s the time when we are focusing on our screens in the middle of night hours and interferes with the discrepancy between the bright lights from our monitor in fronts of our eyes and the dark environment around us while working. And after some times, tears might start to rolled up in the side of our eyes, making our head uncomfortable and will be surely affects to our productivity in working. We are all familiar with this scenario specially when we called ourselves as “night-working-owls”.

As the years, gone by. Another small supporting features has been released in Windows 10 called as “Night Light” features to reduce the exposure of our sights to blue lights causes our eyes gets fatigue. Actually there’s also other big names and well-known companies trying to solve and take notice of this problem and Microsoft is one of them.  The so-called

Night Life features became the company’s solution of this un-denying problem within ourselves. Night Life is a display mode that the main function was to change the colors display on the screen into warmer versions of our desktop displays. In simplest term, The Night Light feature removes the blue lights.

To use the Night Light feature in your Windows 10 PC, go to Settings -> Night light settings -> Display, and turn on the toggle. You can also adjust the strength or configure the intensity warm effect on your screen depending on your eyes need. You may also check on the other options to meet your requirements. User may also select a schedule and set hours when to turn on and turn off the Night Light.

See the image action guide below.

User may start opening the Settings Applications. The quickest way to go was to open the Start Menu and click the Settings icon. In Settings app, click the System category which includes the Display, Sounds, Notifications, and Power on it. Or as simple as, type “Settings” on the Search Tab besides the Start Up Menu Button.

Go to the Settings and check on the Display features including the Night Light feature. Users are free to adjust the intensity and temperature of the brightness to warm display of the screen while turning the Night Light on.

By Default, the Night Light also have a schedule set up wherein the users can set hours when to automatically turn on and turn off this feature.

The Windows 10 do not have this feature before the release of a new versions and introduce the Night Lights additional features to the new version itself way back year 2017.  In the Night Light settings even if you already set up schedule you can still managed the settings manually as to adjust the intensity or new reset the hours. As the user adjusts the temperature as simple as dragging the slider to the right side. It will make the screen turned out to be warmer or yellowish in colors to help reduce the eye strain and exposure to the bright display of the screen causing the eyes to get irritated and easily to get fatigue. While, dragging it to the left will get your screen gets back to its regular cooler and bluish temperature. The best time to play with this slider is when you’re working at night and the lights are already turned off.  User are free to play the slider to see and feel the best suits in their eyes and look how it will make their eyes comfortable while working in front to their screens.

In Additions, you may see the Turn on location services. That means, the exact time of sunset and sunrise will be automatically calculated by Windows 10 depending on the selected dates and auto locations which will help the user to manage the Night Light mode on their PC.

There is also other fastest way on enabling and disabling Night Light Mode or feature in Windows 10 aside from going through the Setting app. The User may simply open the

Action Center by clicking in the bottom right corner of the screen.  The first click will make you turn on the Night Light while the second click disable the mode.

Action Guide:

Working late long hours should not mean you are not taking care of your health, including your eyes and sleep. That is the reasons why Night Light feature was released to Windows 10 users. To give concerns to the eye sight of every user in their busy working hours even on Night Time.

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