Windows Print Screen Feature On Your Computer

Windows Print Screen Feature On Your Computer

We usually looking for a useful tool in creating documentations such as blogs, learning-oriented tutorials, how-to guides, discussions, information oriented, reference materials and other write-ups to support the details we are discussing. The common use of Content layouts and designs, inserting pictures, shapes, tables and symbols are also helping us to provide much more presentable and an informative visualization to our documents.

I have been working in different types of industries since I was in college and I can truly suggest and say that screen capturing or Print Screen tool in our Windows PC is very useful.

One of the best thing that I have been using ever since was the Print Screen tool. It is the short cut of Screen Capture that is simply an advance technique to capture the current, partial or full screen in our working display area. This tool is a built-in tool in most Windows PCs.

However, this tool is not a default and you will have to actually turn this tool on to be able to use Print Screen while documenting. To enable this tool, simply just go to Settings -> Ease of Access -> Keyboard and turn on the “Print Screen Shortcut”. Check the image guide below.

After you enabled the tool, every time you think you have to use Print Screen it will provide you three option to capture your screen. The first one will allow you to capture the entire display area. The second one makes you decide what and which part only needed to capture. This works if you are displaying multiple applications to your desktop. And the last option is called Free-form. This will allow you to capture more specific section and part of the display you need to capture disregarding how long or short would it be.

Advantage of Print Screen Tool:

The main goal of this tool was to help you keep something important on your working display area or computer monitor. We can also can call it as “screenshot”. Print Screen tool is not like traditional capturing or pictures not even a video recorded with a camera tool to screen capture and grab an image for documenting on-screen activities. That sounds so hassle and stressing special when you are using video recorded and you have to pause and play the video to capture the single and specific activity you have to capture. Print Screen tool is a built-in too as mentioned above. This way helps you to avoid installing some other application or tool to use whenever you have to capture your screens or computer displays.

With the help of this tool, we are easily able to communicate more clearly and presents documentations in more understandable way than a plain text alone that we don’t have to insert manually images or pictures in working area from our computer files if we can easily paste the captured image from our screen. The Print Screen tool is very flexible once turned on. You can be able to capture every or any moment even if you are on a video call meeting, watching videos from YouTube, scrolling through different applications, sharing your screen, playing a power point presentation and even multitasking within multiple tabs. This sounds really amazing and hassle free to all Windows PC users. 

Another thing which makes it more useful is when there is an unexpected error message popup to your screen or a warning popup while working and you need to show it to the IT by sending the popup by email or in any other mean of communication to report the error encountered to your computer.

This tool also helps you to save important things you might need to check back again later and need to save informative images as many as needed. Usually it helps you to explain more specific and clear instructions in completing a task, sharing ideas, creating an informative plan, explaining a role, making reports, giving assistance and writing a documentary.

Nowadays, creativity in making a meme used for emails and even for fun on different social media channels are a big trend. The Print Screen tools can literally help you to capture trending videos and create your own memes. You can do both watching trending videos while capturing highlights using this tool.

Most of all, this tool makes you more productive and illustrative in most convenient and easiest way. People had been using screen capturing for a long time and many tools and features had been release. And fortunately, Print Screen tool in Windows PCs is one of it.

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